I have seen a lot of Japanese fans commenting on MC having a mole under his right eye and how the bangs are supposed to be meant to cover it. Apparently it was said in some book?

Idk, but it’s cute.

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i paid for this 

ive been trying to come up with something to say about this for like 10 minutes but i cant. i cant say anything. elly paid this man real, legal united states currency to tell me my kill la kill husbando is shit

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when u get a crush on someone shitty but still somewhat hope theyre a good person

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Sweet pea.

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remade my dr oc’s sprites and at first i hated them but now im like tf!! im getting better

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people who still think marco is alive


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always gotta have that one shit ass white boy in ur class who says “im part black”

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man frick all you guys who get to be like “wooo yay autumn is on the way :’))) sweaters and pumpkin spice and crisp fall leaves” man shut up in vegas we don’t get autumn we get diet summer it is september first and the high is 104 get this shit out of my face we don’t get to wear sweaters until late october if we’re lucky and even then you can get away with short sleeves 

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Big Hero 6 - Clip

bring this movie to me immediately post haste

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theres no doubt in my mind that the same people who call free! a legitimately sad anime with deep characters and plot are also the ones who fingerfucked strider sadstuck until the end of next november

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